Thursday, February 4, 2010

February Hostess Bundle Makes getting a show together easy for everyone!

As all Consultant's get ready for April when EVERY Consultant must submit $100 in sales each month why not get into that routine now. The February Hostess Flare Bundle gives all Consultants a reason to get at least a $350 show together this month. As Consultant's don't we want EVERYTHING. So since there is a Hostess Flare Bundle why not work to get that. The Bundle includes the small, medium and large flare baskets and all 3 Contour Flare Bowls. Get it as your 1/2 price item and pay just $100. It retails for $256 so getting it all for $100 is a NO BRAINER!

Here is how you do it.

Since you are working to get the Flare Bundle, on the show buy your medium and small lids for the contour baskets and the protector for the large contour basket and the liners for all three baskets. That gives you $80 in sales. Add a Summertime Stripe Travel Mug since they are only $10 for every $50 purchase. So now your show so far is at $90 and you now only have $260 left to sell. Sell 2 complete Easter Basket Sets with Tie ons and now you only have $38 left to sell. Now just sell 1 Large Contour Flare Bowl and that takes your show to $352.

With your $350 show as your 1/2 price item you get the Flare Bundle for just $100 like I stated earlier and with your $50 Hostess Dollars get the Large Flare Lid and the Med. and Small Protectors for the Med. and Small Flare Baskets.

You now have the complete set of Flare Baskets and Contour Flare Bowls for just getting $260 in sales other than the items you put on the show to fill out the baskets. You can get to the remaining $260 anyway you can but selling only 2 complete Easter Basket should be relatively easy. You can also sell the Contour Flare Bowls. A complete set of those would be just $80 so these are at a great price point for price conscious customers. Anyway just sell what it takes to get the $260 in sales. With just a little work every Consultant can get the $260 in sales .