Thursday, July 29, 2010

Email Signatures

At the end of everyone's email we have our Name, our title, something about Made in America Matters, our email address, our website address and various other items. Why not add a picture of a new product to your signature when you send out emails. What a quick and easy way to start sharing all of the new products with your customers and even people that you send emails to but they don't buy from you.

Maybe when they see one of the new products it might get them interested. Also add to your signature something about how we have so many new products and to have them contact you if they'd like a new catalog.

Change the picture every week. Every Monday morning change the picture. One week have a basket, the other week maybe show a food product and the following week add a another new item. With so many new products there's always something to share.

This is a quick and easy way to share the new products with little effort, you can change it all the time and costs absolutely nothing. My favorite line "It's a No Brainer!"

Want to see how I have done it - send me an email - just say hi in the email and I will say hi back. Please don't send me tons of emails with questions because I won't be able to get back to them all. So say hi and I will say hi back and at the end of the email you can see what I have done!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Build a Basket

Here is an idea on how you can use the Design a Basket program to get sales from people you know. Build a Bear is very popular because people get to build something that reflects their own personality. Withe the NEW Design a Basket they can do the same thing.

Have a Build a Basket Party and invite everyone you know. At the party everyone can choose one of the five baskets available. They can then choose their colors and add tack covers. They can add a tag and now even personalize the lid.

People can design a personal basket for each of their kids, add their favorite colors, the tack covers can reflect what sport they participate in and the lid can have their name on it. Someone can design their own personal basket just for their own use. People can design a basket for whatever special event they want. The ideas are unlimited which gives you so much opportunity!

You can use this idea at an Open House too which is what I am going to do. When people are done shopping I am going to have them visit the Build a Basket area. There I will have a few design a basket samples, I will have the color strips, tack covers and some of the tie ons. I will also have some plain lids for some of the baskets with the pictures of the customization that can be done that are on the back of the flyer. I will invite everyone to Build their own Basket!

Could be fun! Good Luck!