Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Creating New Product Excitment at the BEE

Hey everyone. I can't believe the BEE is about 7 weeks away. Where has this year gone? I was on the phone a few days ago with Jean Rinehart and we were talking about the Bee and how important this Bee will be. Having us all together at one Bee will be awesome. We were also talking about how when the company used to show us new products there would really be some screaming and so much excitement. It seems that that excitement hasn't been there the past few years. Jean and I want to help get that excitement back. If you are reading this blog - pass this message on - at this years Bee we are going to be on our feet. We are going to be yelling and screaming for new products! Let's stand together at this Bee and really show the company that we love the new products and that we really ARE excited about them! I hear they are going to be great and am really looking forward to seeing them!

Pass it on!