Monday, September 21, 2009

Are you on the bandwagon???????

When the first signs of the economy going bad so many people jumped on the bandwagon and used it as an excuse not to do business. Many used it as an excuse as to why business was bad. Many jumped on the bandwagon without the economy even really affecting them because that was the easy thing to do.

Well in the past few weeks and month or so we have had signs that the recession is over or at least going in the right direction. I'm not an economist - OBVIOUSLY - BUT- here are a few things I have heard. New housing starts are on the rise in some major markets. Retail sales in August were much higher than expected. Unemployment claims in August were lower than expected and the growth of unemployment claims have seemed to slow. The Ben Bernakey guy - ok - I know his last name was misspelled but he even said the recession is over. Of course that doesn't mean a lot has to happen though before things are great again - but it's another sign we are going in the right direction.

So now that we have some good signs for the economy and we have some encouraging news - are you ready to jump on the bandwagon of a promising future? So many people are quick to jump on a band wagon of doom and gloom because it's easier to use it as an excuse to do nothing. Let's see how many people are as quick to jump on the bandwagon of the fact that the economy IS getting better. Things ARE turning around. It may not be happening as quick as we all hope and maybe not everywhere but it IS happening.

So be like a typical politician and flip flop - jump off the bandwagon of doom and gloom. Jump on the bandwagon that believes that things are getting better. Jump on the bandwagon that believes in a great future. Jump on the band wagon of excitement for our future.

The Longaberger Company has so many things to be grateful for and has so many reasons to look to the future. We are a direct selling company that has had some hard times. There have been many lay offs. There have been cut backs. There have been some tough times. BUT - there have been many direct selling companies that haven't made it and no longer exist.

The Longaberger Company has made it though. The Longaberger Company has survived. The future has never looked better. We have continued to offer Made in the USA products. We as Consultants have continued to be able to sell innovative products. The current Team Spirit both with the University and NFL versions are a huge hit and are only gaining momentum. Those that are working their business are having great results.

So! What are you going to do? Stay on the bandwagon that so many people jumped on because it was the easy route? OR - get on board with the new bandwagon of success and one that offers a great future. I challenge you all to jump on board. Be a success and have fun. Don't get left behind because if you don't get on board - someone else will take your seat!

I'm on board and I am enjoying the ride!

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Tricia said...


I am on the bandwagon of success. The HoH Brunch Saturday was wonderful. I am waiting to hear about the final numbers from Marilyn. I have an Open House the last weekend in October, and I am going to be at least one event in November. Oh, and I doing a cookie exchange at my parent's house December 5th. I have also just joined a network called Like Minded Moms, even though I am not a mom. I am having fun.