Monday, September 7, 2009

New Customers and Open Houses.

At my Open House last weekend I had 8 NEW Customers show up.  Judy Jasper and I emailed back and forth a few times and she wanted me to share with her what I do to get my current customers to bring their friends to my Open Houses. So I am posting it here for her and so I can share with everyone that would like the information.  I hope you pass this on to your friends.  They have changed this blog and now I can't do a spell check before I post - so I will keep checking it and make spelling corrections when I see them.  Don't make fun of me.  If you have ever had a conversation with me in person - I type the same exact way with everything coming out at one time. 

Getting new customers to your Open Houses is not as difficult as you might think.  Just about eveyone that buys Longaberger has a friend or knows someone that buys it as well.  Many of those people don't have a Consultant and don't avtively go out and seek one.  If your current customers are coming to your Open Houses and are having fun and enjoying them then why wouldn't they bring a friend next time?  Aks them to bring a friend next time.  So the easiest way to get NEW customers to your Open Houses is by having your current customers help you.

I have done several things in the past though as an incentive for my customers who bring someone new to my Open Houses.  If they are going to help me then I give them a little thank you or incentive.  I tell them about the incentive and ask them to bring a friend as part of the invitation. I give the thank you or incentive to someone that brings a Buying Customer.  A new customer isn't their 4 year daughter or grandma propped up in the back seat.  Although I have had customers bring their daughters who then do become good customers as well.  I have had daughters bring their mothers too so either way I appreciate having them both as customers. 

In the past I have given a coupon as the thank you or incentive that they can use at the next Open House.  I have also given some sort of Longaberger Product.  A few years ago I got my hands on some of those holiday crocks we had a while back.  I gave those to anyone that brought a new customer.  We have all sorts of inexpensive items we can give that our customers love.  They really do appreciate the gester.  I will say though that a Longaberger notepad, pen or plastic cup really isn't enough.  I also try to find things that when I buy them I get guest sales. 

Remember to use your Home Shows as a means of finding new customers as well.  At a home show you can talk about your upcoming Open House.  Have a save the date flyer or invitation at each Home Show that you do and talk about your Open House.  I alway have one on the calendar so I always have one to talk about.  Talk about some of the incentives you have at the Open House.  Talk about the drawings that you do.  Talk about what you might have on hand that they can take with them the day of the Open House.  If you set up an area similiar to my Super Sale area - talk about that too.

If you have joined my October Open House challenge and are doing an Open House in October you have plenty of time to put someting in place that will work for you.  Remember it doesn't happen over night.  Set a goal of maybe 2 or 3 NEW customers at your next Open House.  Set it higher if you already have something that is working for you.  If you have something that is working for you please share by posting a comment for eveyone to see. 

Good luck to all of you!


Lisa said...

Thanks Benno for your insights! You are probably making people enjoy the work that goes into open houses. They are work but I love to do them, to wine and dine my best customers and hostesses!

americanspiritandfriends said...

Hey Benno...thanks for sharing. Your open houses rock and I wish I lived close enough to drop by.