Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hostess/Booking Program

I recently have changed what I do for Hostesses when they book a Home Show with me and what I give them the night of the Home Show. In the past when someone would book a show with me I would give them their choice of one of the small tote bags that we so popular at the Homestead. I gave them that filled with everything they need for their show. If I Hostess would cancel I normally wouldn't get the tote back. Therefor - out of money.

When I go to a Home Show I like to walk in with a small token as a thank you. That usually has been some sort of jar candle that I have picked up at one of the local Craft Stores on sale. Every time I see jar candles on clearance I would grab a handful of them so I would always have some thank yous the night of the show.

I wanted to change what I have been doing though because I was losing money on totes I wouldn't get back and I was spending money on a Hostess and I wasn't spending it on anything that I would get Hostess Benefits from. So I got to thinking. We have so many items in the Factory Store under $10. Why not pick up those items and just give the Hostess a thank you the night of the party.

So when I am booking the show I show them a basket with the items in it and tell them that they get to pick one of those out on the night of her show as a thank you for booking a show with me. They don't take a tote bag in advance so if they don't end up dong the show I'm not out any money. Because I am only giving one gift I am spending less money but still giving them something nicer in the long run too.

In the basket for example I have several of the jewelry pieces that are under $10 in the factory store. I also have some of the nicer so Rachel candles that were available. I also have the bud vases and I also have the picture frames and I am adding the small loaf dishes. All these items are under $10 and I get guest sales buy purchasing them AND I get My Dream Points. My Hostesses are getting a nicer thank you and I am getting guest sales and I'm not giving out tote bags to Hostesses that don't end up doing a Home Show!

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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julie & joe said...

Great idea!! I love the factory store!!!!