Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Get Your October Hostess Booked for January!!!!!

Are you having a hard time getting your October Hostesses to rebook to January to take advantage of the Hostess Appreciation program? If so share this information with them.

As part of the Hostess Appreciation Program in January is a Hostess who did a show in October and does at least a $500 show in January can receive an extra $65 in Hostess Dollars. So at the $500 level that Hostess can receive 2 half price items AND $145 in Hostess Dollars.

By taking advantage of the BUNDLES in January - this is what they could get:

1. 1st 1/2 price item: Pie Plate Bundle which includes - 2 Pie plates, Pie Plate Server, Fancy Round Pie Plate basket and Protector. As the half price item they get all that for $51.50.

2. 2nd 1/2 price item: Sort and Store Paper Bin Basket Bundle which includes - Paper Bin Basket, Liner, Protector, Wrought Iron Paper Bin Stand, and 1 Shelf. As the half price item they get all that for $65.

Hostess Dollars of $145: Salt and Pepper Shakers and Caddy Bundle ($32), Chip and Dip Bowl ($35), Paper Bin Basket Set which includes Paper Bin Basket, Liner and Protector ($69). They would still have $9 in Hostess Dollars to use.

So your Hostess that Hosted a Show in October and a $500 one in January could receive:

Salt and Pepper Shakers
Salt and Pepper Shaker Caddy
2 Grandma Bonnie Pie Plates
Two Pie Server
Fancy Pie Basket and Protector
2 Paper Bin Baskets, 2 Protectors and 2 Liners
Wrought Iron Paper Bin Stand
1 Shelf
Chip and Dip Bowl

Retail: $594 Ding! Ding! Ding! Hostess pays: $116.50

Some Hostesses may have some of these products - SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Take advantage of this great offer and use the products that you already have as gifts throughout the year!

Good Luck in getting your January Hostesses Booked!

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