Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cash and Carry Update!

Have you seen the new update to the actual Longaberger Cash and Carry Program? What a great program for those that want to offer cash and carry items but don't have the money to use to create some sort of inventory for cash and carry. This is also a great program is you need some products for an event rather quickly. There is no risk with this program. Refer to the company guidelines though for full details of the program for full accuracy of the program.

How can you make this program work for you? Determine what type of event you are having and start from there. About how many people do you think will attend? Should you pick at least 5 of the same item to have at your event or mix it up a bit? Since you can return the items that you don't sell it's a perfect way to mix things up a bit, step out of the box and try something new.

If I was going to be at a Holiday Bizarre at a school I would maybe get some of the Snowflake Jumbo Mugs and Cookie Platters. If I needed product for an Open House I would choose all different products to see what sells and what doesn't. The Cash and Carry program is also a great way to try a few products that you haven't sampled to see what sells and what doesn't. Since there is no risk you can send back what doesn't sell. Of course just because something doesn't sell at one event doesn't mean it won't sell - it just means it didn't sell that day.

So as we enter into our busiest selling season try to get some events on your calendar where you can sell cash and carry and use the new Cash and Carry program to make these a success. There is no risk involved and what a great way to step out of the box for your business and hopefully you will not only find out what will work to help grow your business but you will also get some new customers out of the process as well.

Even though there is no risk it's still a good idea to start slow as I have said in the past and work at your own pace. Ok - pick up the pace a little and challenge yourself to make things a success for your self but don't go crazy. I'll do that for you!

Good Luck!

The new guidelines are on under publications!

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Lisa said...

Great points Benno! I really think the company has given us a great opportunity and to return what you don't sell is perfect! It really doesn't cost that much to return some baskets. I agree to start small and think what your customers have been oohing and aahing over with the new wishlist. Have those items there! Women always buy what their friends are buying!