Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Boost your business with the Beverage Barrel Retiring

Take advantage of the retirement of the Beverage Barrel. It's a Hostess Exclusive item and is retiring at the end of August. Now is a great time to get some more shows on the calendar even if only book shows. Actually it's very easy to get some last minute book shows so your customers can get the Beverage Barrel.

A $250 show in August is so easy. Sell 4 candy corn combos and then with just $14 more in sales you get to $250. Sell 9 sets of the appetizer plates. I think most consultants want 4 sets for their own don't they - that leaves just 5 more sets of the plates to sell to get the beverage barrel at 1/2.

Don't stop at the $250 level though because when you get to the $350 level and get two bookings you can purchase one of the Framed Wall Art or Mirrors (up to a $99 value).

So take advantage of the retiring Beverage Barrel. Use it to get a few more shows a few more sales. I love my Beverage Barrel. I use it all the time at my open houses. I fill it with sangria, margaritas, or water with lemon!

Hey - while you are here go down to the ads and see who's ad is the www.longaberger.com ad below.

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