Friday, August 28, 2009

Bee 2010

The dates for Bee 2010 have been announced. The Reunion Bee is July 21 - 24 and the Homecoming Bee is July 24 - 27. I am thrilled that the dates have been announced and I love the change in that no Bee will be right at month end or right at the beginning of a month as in the past. LOVE THE NEW DATES!

Take the time right now to make a commitment to be at the Bee this year. You have 10 full months to prepare. You have 10 full months to not have excuses why you can't go and 10 full months to come up with reasons that you CAN go.   

I don't have the money! Well - get some Home Shows on the Calendar NOW and save part of your commissions for the Bee. By sharing rooms and watching for Airline Flight sales you can make the trip more affordable and you have plenty of time to make enough money to go. As you get close to the actual Bee date have your own Home Show or Open House and tell your customers that you need help because you are going to use your commissions so you can go to the Bee to learn about new products and new programs that Longaberger will be offering and that it will make you a better Longaberger Consultant. It WILL!

Something else might come up! NO! - Put it on your schedule NOW. Let all your family and friends know NOW that if they are planning something next July it can't be on those dates or you won't be able to attend. I plan my life around several dates each year - one of them is the date of the Bee. I have had to miss some other important events in past year - BUT - I gave those people notice in advance that if they planned something during the Bee - that's less beer they will need for their event.

So I am challenging EVERY Longaberger Consultant to make that commitment right now. SAVE THE DATE! (hmmmmm - who else uses those) Talk to all your other Longaberger Consultant friends and tell them you are going and make them plan to go as well. Start making plans as a group to get there!

I couldn't do what I do without the Bee each year. It's where I get re energized in my business. It motivates me to continue doing what I do. Most importantly though it's the one time of year I get so see so many members of my extended Longaberger Family!

See you at Bee 2010!

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Raimie said...

Very true - we NEED the Bee! I marked my planner already!