Monday, August 24, 2009

Chili Bowl Opportunity!

The On Line Chili Bowl Special this week is not just a great price for your cusomters - BUT - it's also a perfect opportunity for YOU! The Chili Bowls were originally 2 for $30 which of course made them $15 each. At $8 each your customer SHOULD be buying them up. It's great too because they can mix and match colors. AND think ahead because for all the customers that buy the Chili Bowls - they will want the Soup and Sandwich plate in September.  It's the Bonus Buy for September.
This is one of those times where EVERY Consultant has a great opportunity as well. As a Consultant these Chili Bowls are just $6 each. This is an item that is not going to go out of style. So no matter where you are in your business get a few extra of these. If you are a brand new Consultant 4 of them would be just $24. So figure out what works for you and get them ordered.
OK - now you got them - what are you going to do with them??????

Here are some ideas on how I am going to use them to create sales.
First of all I will have them as a Bonus Buy at my Open House in October. They were originally 2 for $30 and I may have them 2 for $24 and then maybe 4 for $40. That way if they buy 2 they get 20% off but if they buy 4 they get close to 35% off. Regardless - is gives you a way to create some sort of Bonus Buy for your customers.
Since my Open House is AFTER the Soup and Sandwhich Plate Bonus Buy in September I will still show the Chili Bowls at my Home Shows letting everyone know that if they buy the Soup and Sandwich plate that I will have the Chili Bowls at my Open House. This will help get NEW Customers to the Open House.
I will also take these to all of the Holiday Fairs at schools that I do. Tastefully Simple is usually there as well so when someone comes to my booth and has one of their bags I will ask them what they bought from Tastefully Simple (in a tasteful way). If they bought a dip - "Hey I have a great bowl for you to serve your dip in." If they bought a soup mix - "Hey I have a great Bowl for you to serve your soup in." These events sometimes aren't the best in selling a large quantitiy but it's a great way to meet people.  Also at such a low price point for the Chili Bowls it help you get a piece of our pottery in someones hands that may not have any Longaberger Pottery. Once they have the Chili Bowls they will want more.  So follow up after these events is key.

Good luck with this sale and I hope you all take advantage of it for yourself as well!


Denise said...

Do you know if the souper mugs will work with this plate as well?

Raimie said...

Great post!

Ruth Ann said...

You are wonderful to share all your ideas. Thank you so much~
Ruth Ann