Friday, August 14, 2009

Sell 3 get yours for Free - #2!

Need something to help your month of August?
The Fancy Round Pie Basket is EASY to sell this month. I am selling it as BRAND NEW item and am offering it at a SPECIAL PREVIEW PRICE of $42. (Reg. $62) Tell your customers to be the first to have this Brand New Basket and save $20 while doing so! Correct me if I am wrong but it's also the very first basket we have offered that has featured the braiding around the top band.

AND REMEMBER: If you as a Consultant Sell at least 3 - you earn enough commissions to get yours for FREE! If you went to the Bee and got yours for FREE and don't want another one - then when you Sell at least 3 - take those earnings and use them towards the Liner and Protector.
If you haven't seen this basket in the deep stain - wait until you do. Seeing it in the deep stain is what really reminded me of the history that this basket represents. LOVE IT!


Kathy said...

Isn't that a beautiful basket. I love it!!
My scratch off stickers came in the mail yesterday!!

Maria DiCaprio White said...

Thanks for the great info.

The Founders Med Market has braiding on the top band.

Raimie said...

Benno, My mom and I both got our at the bee and are loving them. They are SO classic looking and are great for carrying WT mugs or jars at canning time, or hospitality things in a guestroom or bathroom!