Sunday, August 16, 2009

Scratch Off Tickets

In my class I taught at the Bee I talked about the scratch off tickets that I have made and used at my Open Houses. These scratch off tickets I make my self on my computer and I print them on a card stock. I have an actual designer program that I design all my printed materials with but I'm sure you can make them in Word also. You can make them any size you want. Have as many on 1 sheet as you can get and then cut them out after they are all printed. Then place the scratch off label over the scratch off area.

I use the 1 inch round silver scratch off labels but you can use any size you want. There are so many options so you can really get creative with what style of scratch off tickets you want to create. I get the labels at I order 1000 at a time and they ship pretty quickly. I will tell you that it was confusing the 1st time I ordered because I thought I had ordered 1000 but the way it looked on the invoice it only looked like I ordered 100. My contact person there was Terra Williams. She can help you.

The first one here is one I did for my Open House in March. The tickets were sent out with the Open House Invitation and they had to come to the Open House to then scratch the ticket to see what they had won. Under each circle was some sort of prize. I have done $5 and $10 coupons and those are coupons they can use at the NEXT Open House. This gives them reason to come to the next Open House.

When someone scratches the card they could also see a letter A or a letter B. The letter A let's them pick out of basket A which would contain smaller Longaberger type trinket things. The letter B would let them choose something out of Basket B - larger Longaberger type trinkets. We have access to so many things that could be put in a basket for them to choose from.

What you put under the scratch off area can be endless. Think of something that works for you. You can really be creative and it can be a lot of fun.

I also created a Scratch Off Ticket for my Frequent Shopper program. I had to come up with a way for my customers to be able to earn some sort of reward for doing business with me often. It had to be easy and couldn't be an accounting nightmare. SO! I made this 2nd scratch off ticket. Each time a customer does business with me - at an Open House, a Home Show, an On Line Order or just calling in an order they one of these tickets. On each ticket is either a B, an E, an N or an O. They need to collect the letters to spell B E N N O. Once they do they get a $20 Gift Certificate to use at any time. They have to hold on the cards that they collect so I don't have any type of work to keep track of who has what.

You can use any amount for a certificate. Maybe the $20 is too much for you to give away. Then maybe use $10. My customers shop VERY well at my Open Houses though and for me the $20 is what I am using. Again - use what you are comfortable with.

I think this covers the scratch off tickets. They really are fun and gives you a way to be creative and come up with some fun ideas that your customers will like. If you have any questions - leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

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sbjpeter said...

I ordered my scratch off stickers to use at my hostess/vip product reveal at the end of August as well as at my holiday open house in Nov. and all the other opens I do! Great ideas...and I love the Benno Bingo...mine will be Becky Bingo. I kind of like how that sounds! Go Longaberger! Thank Benno!